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5-in-1 type-c multifunctional hub

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Update time : 2023-11-14 11:02:19
  The type-c multifunctional hub has a total of three USB 3.0 interfaces, one type-c interface and one VGA interface. Various interfaces are closely arranged and more practical. Two USB 3.0 interfaces and a VGA interface are located on the front of the hub, and one USB3.0 interface and a type-c interface are located on the rear of the hub. And there is an indicator light next to the type-c interface. Through the indicator light here, you can quickly identify whether the type-c multi-functional hub is in working status. The VGA interface can be used to connect to an external computer display or projector, which is more practical. The type-c interface on the type-c multifunctional hub not only supports PD charging, but also supports USB3.0 data transmission.
type-c multifunctional hub
  Type-C multi-functional hub can not only expand the computer's interfaces, but also bring a better user experience, especially for users who are not satisfied with the number or type of built-in interfaces in their computers. The expanded 3 USB3.0 interfaces and 1 type-c interface are basically sufficient for daily use. And the type-c interface used by the type-c multi-function hub basically covers most laptops or tablets.
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