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Why SSD Is Better than HDD

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Update time : 2023-07-29 11:18:14
  Now, let’s come to the battle of storage drives. While the good ol’ spinning disk is still sold and used by many data centers and budget consumers, more enterprises and consumers are shifting towards SSDs. Here’s why:
  Speed: Speed is the most prominent and significant advantage of an SSD over an HDD. Since it doesn’t have moving parts, an SSD can read data 10 times faster than an HDD and write 20 times faster. Moreover, the HDD’s copying process ranges between 30 MB/s and 150 MB/s, whereas a standard SSD takes 500 MB/s. This way, SSDs deliver faster boot times, load times for applications and files (e.g. games and videos), and data transfer.
  Energy Efficiency: Due to an HDD’s dependency on lots of mechanical operations, it’s power-hungry storage. In contrast, SSDs are more energy-efficient and consume less power, prolonging battery life.
  No Overheating: SSDs are more heat-resistant, whereas HDDs tend to overheat, compromising the system’s overall performance.
  Build: Having no moving parts gives an SSD an edge over HDD in terms of durability. It’s a more reliable storage device, doesn’t vibrate, and can endure shocks, which HDD can’t. SSDs are also quiet, whereas HDDs are noisy.
  Weight: SSDs are lightweight compared to HDDs, making them more efficient in performance and functionality.
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