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Dual Nvme Enclosure, 2-Bay Hardware RAID Enclosure, 20Gbps Transmission Speed SSD Case

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Update time : 2024-03-30 10:05:03
  This RAID hard drive enclosure uses the JMS568R main control chip and supports a maximum transfer rate of 20G. It has a maximum single-drive capacity of 4TB and can accommodate two M.2 NVMe hard drives, supporting a maximum disk array capacity of 8TB.
RAID hard drive enclosure
  How to Set Up the Hardware RAID Enclousre
  *In standby mode, press the touch button 10 times continuously to unlock the hard drive enclosure and enter the operation mode. Please note that this operation is somewhat cumbersome to ensure the data security of the hard drive.
  *After unlocking, press the touch button 3 times in a row to switch modes. A single press will cause the corresponding mode's green light to flash again.
  *After selecting the desired mode, press the touch button 5 times in a row to confirm. Please note that this operation will delete the hard drive data, so make sure to back up your hard drive data in advance. (NOTE: Please choose MBR if the capacity of your disk is less than 2TB, choose GPT if larger than 2TB.)
  *After switching modes, you need to reformat it in the computer's disk management page to use it normally.
  *Every time the power is disconnected and the hard drive enclosure is reconnected, the hard drive enclosure defaults to a locked state.
  *If it has been unlocked before, the hard drive enclosure will not return to a locked state until the power is disconnected.
  *The built-in fan has two modes: temperature control and manual (it will start when powered on). Press the touch button twice in a row to switch. Note: Switching the fan mode does not require unlocking. You cannot switch the fan mode when it's already unlocked.
RAID hard drive enclosure
  Product Feature
  -Support 2-bay PCle Gen3x2 NVMe with RAID0/1/JBOD/PM
  -Comply with USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Specification
  -Support FS/HS/SS/SS+ USB operation andup to SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps
  -Integrate with USB Type-C CC-Logic
  -Support USB Bulk Only Transfer (BOT) andUSB Attached SCSI protocol (UASP)
  -Support SCSI to NVMe command translation
  -Support PCle Gen 3x2, max. bandwidth up to 16Gb/s
  -Support TRIM to the SSD
  -Support PWM internal fan control