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HDMI to VGA high-definition converter

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Update time : 2023-06-27 11:34:44
  In recent years, HDMI signal converters have gradually been widely used in homes, large public places and high-definition video conference places. One of the main advantages of the HDMI signal converter is that it can transmit digital video and audio signals through a cable, but some projects require separate processing of digital audio or digital video. In this case, there are two professional-grade equipment. By cooperating with other related products, it can flexibly process digital audio and digital video individually, and reinterpret the concept of high-definition.
HDMI converter
  PEC-VS2852 can convert DVI+ audio signal to HDMI signal converter and then output. The output supports 1920*1080p. Easy to install and easy to operate.
  1. Product features:
  With power-off site protection function;
  The input DVI signal converter supports DVI1.0 standard;
  The input supports plug and play;
  Support signal input detection function;
  Able to copy the EDID parameters of the back-end display to the input port.
  2. Product parameters
  Power supply: 180~250V 50Hz
  Product power: 10W
  Output interface: HDMI interface
  Shape and size: length 122×width 73×height 26 (mm)
  Product weight: less than 3Kg
  Input: DVI+audio
  Output: HDMI
  Input interface: DVI-I, 3.5 port, optical port
  The highest resolution: 1600×1200×60Hz
HDMI converter
  The important function of PEC-HD25 is to disassemble the digital audio in the HDMI signal converter to facilitate engineering applications.
  1. Product features:
  Can copy the EDID parameters of the subsequent equipment to the input port;
  Support load monitoring, which can monitor and display whether the output channel is connected with load in real time;
  Support 1 channel HDMI signal converter input, 1 channel HDMI signal converter + audio output;
  It supports input signal monitoring, and can monitor and display in real time whether each input channel has signal access.
  2. Product parameters:
  Clock frequency: 24MHz~165MHz
  The input signal standard meets HDMI1.2, HDCP1.1 standard
  The highest resolution: 1600×1200×60Hz
  Power supply: 180~250V 50Hz 25W
  Shape and size: length 120×width 73×height 26 (mm)
  Number of input channels: 1
  Number of input channels: 1 channel HDMI, 2 channels audio
  Input interface: HDMI interface
  Output interface: HDMI interface, RCA interface, optical terminal interface