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4-channel HDMI capture card for live broadcasts capture 1080P/60HZ

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Update time : 2024-01-18 18:04:14

  PHD4 is an HDMI capture card, designed for live broadcasts to easily capture and record, meeting all your needs. 1080P/60Hz high-definition 4-channel simultaneous capture/recording restores shadows, textures and other details in the picture, making every pixel vivid and flexible. The 60Hz refresh rate is smooth without lag, the high-performance chip XC7A35T+STM8L101+MPM3620A+SII9293CNUC,transmits stably without flickering, and the e-commerce live broadcast capture and record can record every wonderful moment of your live broadcast. The PCB is made of impedance material and has thick gold-plated gold fingers, making the contact more reliable and reducing hardware contact failures.

  Product Features:

  1.) 4-channel HDMI video signal input 1080P/60Hz capture 1080P/60HZ

  2.) Input video signal: any resolution within 1080P

  3.) DirectShow compatible video capture, YUV422 video output

  4.) DirectSound compatible audio capture, PCM 48K stereo

  5.) Support Windows XP/7/8.1/10 32bit/64bit and other systems

  6.) PCIE 2.0 X4 20Gb/s transmission bandwidth, motherboard supporting X4/X8/X16 card slot interface

  7.) Video processing is completed by the capture card and does not occupy the host CPU

  8.) Support HDCP

  9.) Automatically determine the input video format and no-tify you of the input video format.

  10.) Supports multiple cards in one machine and dynamically sets channel numbers.

HDMI capture card

HDMI capture card

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