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How to choose a suitable PS4 game live capture card

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Update time : 2023-12-08 10:45:28
  Live streaming of console games such as PS4 and X-BOX requires the use of high-definition video capture cards. How to choose a suitable PS4 game live streaming capture card?
  High-definition video capture cards are divided into two categories: built-in and external. Whether they are built-in or external, they can collect the video information output by the corresponding PS4 and other game consoles into the computer.
  PS4 dedicated external USB high-definition HDMI capture card
HDMI capture card
  External USB high-definition capture card. This type of high-definition capture card is a hardware device with an HDMI input interface. It can support the capture and processing of HDMI video information output by PS4 and X-BOX and then transmit it to a computer notebook through USB, so it is different. The built-in capture card can only be used on desktop computer hosts. The external USB high-definition capture card transmits video information through the USB3.0 interface, so as long as the computer has a USB interface, it can be used for capture. PurPlelec VS009 capture card supports 4K signal input, lossless capture of ultra-clear images, has a driver-free function, automatically recognizes all computer systems, and is convenient and fast to plug and play.
  Desktop computer host uses built-in PCI-E high-definition HDMI capture card
HDMI capture card
  The PCI-E 2.0 ultra-high definition HDMI capture card can be plugged into the computer motherboard. It is equivalent to the graphics card of the computer host. It is equivalent to adding an HDMI input interface to the host. This allows the computer to receive high-definition HDMI digital signals, so that through the corresponding computer software, the game video of the PS4 game console can be collected and the game live broadcasted.
  1. The built-in capture card needs to install the corresponding driver, so the installation is relatively complicated, and it can only be applied to desktop computer hosts.
  2. Generally, laptop game live broadcasts are more suitable to use external high-definition HDMI capture cards. Many external capture cards currently supported by Tong3D support driver-free, that is, you can capture live broadcasts by directly connecting to the corresponding device.
  3. 4K capture card refers to the ability to capture video signals with a resolution as high as 4096*2160/60Hz. The current larger "Call of Duty 11" can achieve a maximum 2K effect, so the standard definition 720P is far from satisfactory. You must choose a capture card with a resolution greater than 2K.