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Solid State Drive + Hard Disk Box Matching Solution

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Update time : 2023-08-02 10:35:43
  It is recommended to configure a mobile hard disk box + ssd solution with an m.2 interface. The main advantages are "small size, easy to carry" + "fast transmission speed of 1000Gb/s".
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  How to choose an easy-to-use M.2 solid-state drive?
  1. Recommended m.2 NVMe interface type: M.2 solid-state drives have two protocols, SATA and NVMe interfaces. The transmission speed of the SATA version is relatively slow; while the NVMe version has a faster transmission speed, which is suitable for high-performance computer and transmission scenarios.
  2. Select storage capacity according to budget and needs: The storage capacity of M.2 solid-state drives usually ranges from 128GB to 2TB.
  3. Look at the brand and particles: Currently, well-known brands on the market include Samsung, Western Digital, Kingston, Speed, Intel, etc. They are not bad in terms of quality, performance, and service life.
  There are three main types of M.2 SSDs: TLC (Triple-Level Cell), MLC (Multi-Level Cell) and SLC (Single-Level Cell). Among them, SLC has good durability and is expensive; TLC is cheap, but its life is relatively short; and MLC has achieved a better balance between price and life.
  How to choose an easy-to-use mobile hdd enclosure?
  1. The m.2 NVMe and SATA dual-protocol versions are recommended for good compatibility
  2. Determine the transmission speed: Priority is given to hard disk enclosures with USB 3.0 and above, which can transfer data quickly and save time and effort.
  3. Look at the material and heat dissipation capacity of the hard disk box: give priority to the material of the metal shell, which is shock-resistant and drop-resistant, and has better heat dissipation performance.
  4. Hard disk box power supply capacity: Some hard drives have requirements for power supply power. It is recommended to confirm whether they match in advance and choose the one that matches the hard drive power supply capacity.
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