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4K60 ultra high definition video capture card

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Update time : 2023-11-07 10:07:15
  This is a full HD video capture card that supports 4K 60 HDMI input. The board uses a PCE High-speed high-definition uncompressed video collection, achieving true broadcast-level and Hollywood movie-level collection and editing, meeting the needs of various full-HD cameras for real-time monitoring, collection and capture.
HD video capture card
  Product Features:
  Can capture 1 channel of full HD 4K 60 signal
  Independently designed and developed using high-performance Xilinx FPGA
  Supports one HDMI 4K60 input and one 4K 60 loop output
  High-performance DMA transmission function to achieve ultra-low latency video transmission
  HD input supports automatic input video format detection and automatic video effective area detection
  FPGA integrates high-quality motion estimation adaptive de-interlacing algorithm
  FPGA integrates high-quality bilinear image scaling algorithm to achieve multi-level high-quality image scaling
  FPGA integrates high-precision color space conversion algorithm and supports RGB24 and yuv422 format output
  FPGA integrates 3D video noise reduction, significantly reducing video noise and improving image clarity
  FPGA integrates edge enhancement algorithm (blood vessel enhancement) to improve image quality
  FPGA integrated beautification algorithm, suitable for video conferencing and live broadcast with goods
  FPGA integrates image horizontal and vertical flip functions.
  FPGA integrates image horizontal and vertical flip functions.
  FPGA integrates R, G, B three-color gain color adjustment function
  FPGA integrates brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness enhancement algorithms to achieve multi-level color adjustment
  Support multiple independent applications to call the video capture card at the same time
  Support WebRtc web-based video calling
  Microsoft AVStream standard driver supports DirectShow development
  Linux V4l2 driver, can support standard V4L2 video applications: VLC, MPlayer, etc.
  Supports Intel and Nvidia GPU hardware encoding and does not occupy CPU resources. It can achieve i3 7th generation CPU encoding 1080p H264 and H265 60 frame encoding.
  Device firmware can be upgraded online
  Device connection interface:
  PCI-Express Gen2 X4
  input interface:
  One HDMI interface supports 4K60 input and HDMI2.0
  Output Interface:
  One HDMI interface supports 4K60 output and HDMI2.0
HD video capture card