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Advantages of H.265 codec in video conferencing systems

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Update time : 2024-01-06 10:15:39
  H.265 codec technology has gradually developed into a new engine for the video conferencing industry to seek breakthroughs and development. First of all, the video conferencing industry is developing very rapidly, and the energy efficiency of H.264 and H.264 HP codec algorithms is increasingly difficult to support the development of the industry. Secondly, the development goal of the H.265 codec algorithm is to improve the efficiency of video encoding, transmission, and decoding, which fully meets the development needs of the video conferencing industry! What are the advantages of applying H.265 codec in video conferencing systems?
H.265 codec
  1. Low bit rate, more efficient
  Compared with H.264 codec, H.265 provides more diverse means to reduce the code stream. It expands the size of macro blocks from 16×16 of H.264 to 64×64, which can achieve mini-mum 8×8 pixel encoding and maxi-mum 64×64 pixel encoding, in order to improve the compression ratio of high-resolution video; at the same time, it adopts A more flexible coding structure, including coding units, prediction units, and transformation units, to improve coding efficiency.
  In addition to the improvement in encoding and decoding efficiency, H.265 has also been significantly improved in terms of network adaptability, and can run well under multiple complex network conditions. Therefore, video conferencing application H.265 can ensure that high-resolution video playback can be achieved under low network bandwidth.
  2. High image quality, clearer
  It is already quite difficult for the traditional H.264 video conferencing system to achieve the real-time communication effect of 1080P30 under the network bandwidth of 1Mb. Now using H.265 codec technology, this situation has been greatly improved. It supports video playback higher than 1080P30, 1080P60 or even 4k under the same bandwidth, greatly improving the sense of interactivity and realism.
  This also means that H.265 can transmit higher-quality video content under limited bandwidth, which not only allows video conferencing users to experience better effects, but also reduces the pressure on network bandwidth to transmit high-definition videos, reducing users’ use of video conferencing. bandwidth costs.
  3. Low latency, smoother
  H.265 codec has made a lot of technological innovations on the basis of H.264, especially in reducing real-time delay. It has achieved significant results by reducing information acquisition time, reducing random access delay, reducing algorithm complexity, etc. Multi-dimensional technical advantages are achieved.
  The application of H.265 in video conferencing can minimize the end-to-end delay in remote conferencing, enable real-time sharing of voice and video content between conference rooms smoothly without lag, and obtain information more efficiently and quickly during the conference. .
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