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Application of embedded storage systems in the IoT industry

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Update time : 2023-11-01 10:53:00
  An embedded storage system is a system used to control or monitor large-scale equipment such as machines and devices. It is an application-supported system. It is generally composed of one or several microprocessors or single-chip computers and can run with a general-purpose computer. Unlike software, software on embedded storage systems is usually temporary.
  In the IoT industry, embedded storage systems have always existed, but their value varies. In the early days of IoT, embedded storage systems played more of a communication function to achieve interconnection. With the development of integrated circuits and artificial intelligence, embedded storage systems have a greater role and are playing a larger role. Today's embedded storage systems can perform hardware allocation, task scheduling and control, and even in some industries In the Internet field, embedded storage systems integrate smart sensors to realize automatic data collection and processing. Of course, this requires more sensor modules.
embedded storage systems
  The application of embedded storage systems in IoT is becoming more and more widespread. In addition to industrial IoT, there are also agricultural IoT and household IoT. In the future, as the market advances, embedded storage systems will appear in more networks.
  1. Industrial Internet of Things
  The Industrial Internet of Things needs to realize the connection between machines, equipment and people. Embedded storage systems emphasize stability and security in industrial applications. For example, PLC in industry is also an embedded storage system, and there are many sensors, QR codes, Chips, etc., are all necessary equipment to realize industrial automation. The Industrial Internet of Things requires updates to embedded storage systems, more versatile embedded products, and increased integration.
  2. Agricultural Internet of Things
  In the agricultural Internet of Things, the usage rate of sensors and instruments is very high. The important role of embedded storage systems is to coordinate and analyze the working conditions of these devices, and to achieve higher work efficiency by processing these data. Because agriculture is greatly affected by the environment, when designing a system, the cost and ease of replacement of the system need to be considered.
  3. Medical Internet of Things
  The characteristics of the medical Internet of Things are simplicity, standardization, and reliability. For embedded storage systems, it requires higher performance and higher stability equipment, and has high requirements for integration. As AI technology is increasingly used in medical treatment, embedded storage systems need to be upgraded and improved. Medical informatization is to bring convenience to hospitals, and the convenience of system operation is the first priority.
  With the popularity of IoT, data is getting larger and larger, which brings many hidden dangers to equipment and networks. In the future, these devices will need more powerful data analysis and collection capabilities to adapt to industry development trends, and embedded storage systems are their core processors.