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What are the features of DisplayPort?

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Update time : 2024-03-25 11:35:18
  DisplayPort (DP for short) is a digital video interface standard developed by the PC and Chip Manufacturers Alliance and standardized by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). This interface is free of certification and license fees. It is mainly used to connect video sources to monitors and other devices, and also supports carrying audio, USB and other forms of data.
  DisplayPort features
  1. Use USB/MicroUSB interface. SlimPort technology does not require the device to be configured with an MHL interface. It can achieve plug-and-play usage only through the existing USB interface, greatly expanding the selection of display devices.
  2. Realize high-definition/3D for mobile devices. SlimPort technology not only allows data from mobile phones, tablets and other devices to be transferred to full HD display devices, but also supports up to 1080p 3D video with 7.1-channel audio.
  3. Connect multiple display devices at the same time. Because SlimPort technology only requires a USB interface to achieve signal conversion and transmission. Therefore, it can enable a mobile device to connect to multiple displays at the same time and run different effect applications on each display.
  4. Extend the battery life of mobile devices. During the connection process, SlimPort technology will not consume battery power and reduce the efficiency of mobile devices. Instead, it can maintain battery life, extend the performance of mobile devices, and effectively protect mobile devices.
  5. Fully compatible with the existing HDMI1.4a standard and the old HDMI standard.
  6. Support Hollywood standard content protection. Fully compatible with Hollywood Standard Content Protection (HDCP) to protect copyrighted content from unauthorized interception.
  7. No royalties.