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Why do we need to use capture cards for live broadcast?

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Update time : 2023-12-05 11:25:38
  For the sake of picture quality, anchors will use capture cards to assist live broadcasts, or devices such as PS consoles, Switch, and mobile phones that cannot capture directly need to be equipped with a capture card to assist in capturing video images.
  A capture card, also called a video capture card, is a device that can import external video signals into your computer. The capture card digitizes this signal and sends it to your computer via a USB or HDMI port, so you can record, live stream, or both.
  Why do we need to use capture cards for live broadcast?
  Quality: Capture cards often provide higher-quality video and audio than your computer can capture on its own, especially if you're processing high-definition (HD) or 4K video signals. If you record the screen while gaming, it will consume more CPU and graphics card memory, which may cause the frame rate of your game to drop, causing the game to freeze. But this problem can be avoided by using a capture card.
  Performance: Since the capture card is digitizing the video signal, your computer's CPU can focus on other tasks, such as running live broadcast software, which can lead to smoother, lag-free live broadcasts.
  Versatility: Capture cards allow you to live stream from a variety of sources, such as game consoles, other computers, cameras, or any device with a compatible video output.
  Latency: A good capture card can help reduce the delay between the game or video footage and the live broadcast that viewers see. This is critical in live broadcasts where you need to interact with your audience in real time.
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