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How to check the capture card driver

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Update time : 2024-01-29 11:43:38
  Checking the capture card driver refers to checking whether the driver of the capture card is installed successfully, whether the driver version is correct, and whether the driver of the capture card can work normally.
  There are several ways to check the capture card driver:
  1. Use the tools that come with Windows to view: Users can use the "Device Manager" tool that comes with Windows to view the devices and drivers that have been installed in the system. In the "Device Manager", you can view the devices corresponding to the capture card, and Detailed information about its driver to determine whether the driver is installed correctly.
  2. Use the driver viewing tool of the capture card manufacturer: Many capture card manufacturers provide special driver viewing tools, which can be used to check the version number, installation status and whether the driver is working correctly, etc.
  3. Use the system log to view: During the driver installation and normal operation of the capture card, relevant information will be recorded in the system log. Users can use the system log tool to check whether the driver of the capture card is working correctly.
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