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A good partner for laptop game live streaming: USB external HDMI capture card

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Update time : 2024-03-07 09:43:16
  Today I would like to introduce to you an HDMI capture card suitable for use in laptop game live streaming - HD33 USB3.0 external driver-free 4K ultra-high definition HDMI capture card.
  This USB3.0 external 4K ultra-high definition HDMI capture card has the following important advantages:
  1. Easy to use, plug and play
  This external HDMI capture card can directly capture 4K ultra-high-definition audio and video signals by connecting to the signal source through the USB3.0 interface. Plug and play, no need to install any capture card driver or external power supply, the USB3.0 interface can power itself, very suitable for desktop or laptop computers
  In addition, the USB3.0 interface also has the characteristics of hot-swappable and high-speed bandwidth, which can bring many benefits such as good portability and ease of use.
  2. Can adopt 4K ultra-clear audio and video signals plus one signal loop out
  This capture card can capture video and audio signals at the same time, including:
  —>1 channel 4K ultra-high definition HDMI audio and video signal, with 1 channel HDMI loop output
  —>1 channel microphone 3.5MM audio input + 1 channel headphone 3.5MM audio output.
  The output video resolution supports 4K/30 frames (FPS), and the input video supports 4096×2160 resolution. It is convenient for PS4 gamers to detect the effect and progress of the game screen in real time locally.
  3. Compatible with multiple operating systems
  This USB3.0 external HDMI capture card is perfectly compatible with various systems such as WIN7, WIN8, Linux, Android, Apple OS, etc. It also supports Micro-soft standard Directshow for development.
  4. USB external sound card function, supports UVC protocol, supports multiple cards in one machine
  By simply pairing this external HDMI capture card with your home laptop, you can easily stream 4K ultra-high-definition game footage to major live streaming platforms.