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4 Ports Powered USB 3.0 Hub

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Update time : 2023-10-19 12:02:05
  Product Overview:
  4-Port USB expansion with USB3.0 5Gbps SuperSpeed
  Optional external Micro USB charging port
  Supply power to peripheral devices
  Product Features:
  Best solution for expansion need.
  USB3.0 provides super speed data transfer rate up to 5Gbps.
  Plug and play, without complicated driver installation.
  Compatible with USB2.0 / 1.1.
  With an optional power port (Micro USB). By connecting to external power
  supply, it can supply power to peripheral devices.
  Designed and manufactured with BC1.2 charging technology.
  Dimension: 96mm x 30mm x 21mm
  Upstream: USB3.0 Type-A Male
  Downstream: 4 x USB3.0 Type-A Female
  Cable Length / OD:30cm / 4.8mm
  Color: Black
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