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Industrial-grade 30-port USB2.0 hub, 300W power supply

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Update time : 2023-10-31 11:45:50
USB2.0 hub
  product material:
  PCB board + metal output interface Type-A USB2.0*30
  input interface:
  ① 90~130V AC 47~63Hz, Type-B USB2.0 ② 200~250V AC 47~63Hz, Type-B USB2.0
  Product Size:
  Product power supply:
  Integrated 300W independent power module
  Auxiliary accessories:
  Fixed piece*2
  Operating mode:
  Data transmission mode, charging mode
  Chip solution:
  Iron shell, paint process supports single-port current-limiting protection: when the output current of a single port exceeds 2.8A, the connection will be automatically disconnected without affecting the data transmission or charging of other interfaces. In charging mode, the single port can provide a maximum output of 5V 2A. Both ends are fixed. Position design, can be placed in centralized equipment such as charging cabinets
  Product color:
  black silver
  Charging mode:
  Single port output Max 5V 2A