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20-port industrial hub

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Update time : 2023-10-13 11:27:43
  Product name: 20-port industrial hub (image model)
  Input interface: ① 90~130V AC 47~63Hz, Type-B USB2.0
  Input interface: ② 200~250V AC 47~63Hz, Type-B USB2.0
  Output interface: Type-A USB2.0*20
  Product material: PCB board + metal
  Working mode: data transmission mode, charging mode
20-port industrial hub
  20 devices batch processing
  Flashing and data distribution are carried out at the same time, and pictures and files are accessed in batches
  Integrated 150w independent power module, two modes of data transmission and device power supply
  Single port current limiting protection
  If the single-port connection device fails and the current is too large, the single-port will be automatically disconnected without affecting other interfaces.
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