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High-speed industrial grade 10-port hub splitter

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Update time : 2023-09-26 11:01:49
  The product adopts lateral positioning design to facilitate equipment fixation and installation.
  The standard 12V/5A power supply provides sufficient power for stable operation of USB devices.
  USB power supply mode and DC power supply mode.
  USB3.0 ultra-high-speed transmission speed, the transmission rate can reach up to 5Gbps per second.
  7 ports are designed with current overload detection and protection functions.
  Fully backward compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0, supports hot-swappable, no driver required, plug-and-play, efficient and stable;
  The built-in LED indicator light can display the status of USB power supply, DC power supply, and USB peripheral connection USB port.

  The average power of each port reaches 5V / 1.2A, which can be used for batch control of mobile phones and batch flashing of mobile phones.
  It can work without being connected to a computer and can be used directly as a 10-port charger.
  Can be connected to USB devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mobile hard disks, U disks, card readers, scanners, digital cameras, and webcams. Each port has a double protection circuit design to protect your computer and equipment from damage.