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By PURPLELEC | 26 May 2023 | 0 Comments

Why you need a video capture card for live streaming

  Video acquisition card, used to input the video data output by analog camera, video recorder, LD video disc player, video signal output by TV, or the mixed data of video and audio into the computer, and convert it into digital data that can be distinguished by the computer, and store it in the computer , becoming an editable video data file.
  A capture card is a capture device that can transfer video, image or audio models from different devices to a computer. As long as this electronic device supports the corresponding video cable, it can transfer video signals from TVs or mobile phones output to the computer.
video capture device
  The functions of a typical data acquisition card include analog input, analog output, digital I/O, counter/timer, etc., and these functions are respectively realized by corresponding circuits.
  With the rapid development of the network, more and more people are engaged in live broadcasting and video production, so the demand for video capture equipment is getting stronger and stronger. The video capture device, as its name implies, is a device used to capture video models. Most of the video capture devices will collect video signals and then transfer the data to the computer for processing, and a small part of the video capture devices have the function of video recording.
  During the use of video capture equipment, there must be at least two parts: "source" and "receptor". The "source" device provides video signals, and the "receptor" device records or distributes video signals. Let me briefly talk about the scene: suppose I want to play "Red Dead Redemption 2" with XBOX live on Bilibili, then I need to transmit the video signal of XBOX to the computer.
  Then use the live broadcast software on the computer to push the live broadcast, in which the XBOX is the "source" and the computer is the "receptor". The video capture device that connects the two is the video capture device. Without it, I cannot send the game screen to the computer for live broadcast.
  Using a video capture card to live broadcast a game will not occupy system resources and cause the game to drop frames, and the video effect is better than directly using a graphics card to broadcast live.
video capture device
  The role of the capture card is to support high-definition cameras, and the video cameras used by our computers can only have hundreds of thousands of pixels, and at most they can't achieve high-definition even if they claim to have millions of pixels.
  However, this is for console games. Generally, mainstream monitors for computer games have hdmi. Capture cards are of little significance to PCs. Unless you want to capture the impact on a high-definition 4K TV, the resolution of the computer monitor is not so high. Recorded Time will be affected by the image quality. The video capture card converts the TV signal into digital data that can be recognized by the computer, stores it and becomes an editable video data file.

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