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By PURPLELEC | 14 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Video capture card requirements for technicians

  At present, most video capture cards are soft compression capture cards, so they are mainly used in software. However, the video capture card needs to be installed in the early stage.
  There are several requirements for capture card technicians:
  1. Familiar with the capture card model
  Capture card technicians need to know the model when they get the capture card, and can describe the appearance, chip, and other parameters of the capture card when they see the model.
  2. Familiar with computer configuration
  Capture card technicians need to see the computer, know where to check the computer configuration, and know the approximate types of graphics cards, memory, CPU, and motherboards on the market. In particular, how to install the graphics card driver and where to check it. The graphics card driver is the most important. If a computer does not have a graphics card driver, then the capture card cannot be installed.
  3. Familiar with the computer operating system
  See a computer and know what computer operating system is used, what is the operating system principle, and which systems are mainly used by computers on the market. Different operating systems have a great relationship with the compatibility of capture cards. Various models of capture cards have their own supported operating systems. If the operating system cannot be determined, the capture card cannot be installed.
  4. Be familiar with the software used by each capture card
  Know how to install the driver, why the driver cannot be installed, where the problem lies, how to install the software, how to delete the software from the system, and what the reason is for the failure to install. Know which software corresponds to each capture card.
  5. Be familiar with the router
  Know what a router is, the function of a router, the interface of commonly used routers on the market, how to map ports, how to set up UPNP, and how to set up a DMZ host.
  6. Be familiar with broadband
  Know how many broadband access methods there are and what the principles are.
  7. How to set up the capture card remote
  For different capture cards, how to achieve network remote monitoring, remote monitoring methods, sub-control terminals, online fixed URLs, and remote domain names.
  In fact, the main application operations are completed on the software, so a good software is very important for the entire system. At present, the video capture cards launched by Tongsanwei all provide corresponding software, which are very simple to operate and of course compatible with third-party software.

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