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By PURPLELEC | 21 November 2023 | 0 Comments

Application of video capture card in medical field

  A video capture card, also called a video card, inputs video signals, video data or mixed video and audio data output from ana-log cameras, video recorders, LD video disk players, and televisions into a computer, converts them into digital data that can be discerned by the computer, and stores them in the computer. , becomes a video data file that can be edited and processed.
video capture card
  High-definition video is a typical application during hospital operations. Hospitals have strict requirements for surgical videos. They require images to have good restoration capabilities in terms of color, saturation and details. They require that the decoded image quality is almost the same as that of analog video. .
  The surgical video live broadcast system is mainly a point-to-point real-time interaction. Experts in the conference room can watch the live operation in real time. They can use the stretching, rotation, autofocus, and positioning of the lens of the device itself to clearly see the specific conditions of the incision and provide guidance. At the same time, using Dual-channel dynamic video function enables real-time observation of patient monitoring and other related data, such as heart rate, pulse, electronic medical records, X-rays, B-ultrasound, etc., to assist decision-making.
  At the same time, the images and voices guided by experts in the conference room, as well as relevant reference materials prepared by experts, can also be transmitted to the operating room through the equipment in the conference room for the surgeon's reference. Since most medical display equipment uses a DVI interface, a high-definition DVI video capture card is required to capture such video source equipment.

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