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By PURPLELEC | 20 September 2023 | 0 Comments

How to install video capture card for remote monitoring

  How to install video capture card for remote monitoring
  1. Application for dynamic domain name
  To access remotely, you must have a domain name that can be used. Most capture cards now come with domain name resolution functions (including TW6802/6805/2815/6816, PH 7130, MV9200 and other commonly used mid-to-low-end capture cards). We can use Use its domain name resolution function to apply for a free dynamic domain name for yourself:
  For example: TW6816/6802/6805 has its own one-stop function, and we can apply for a one-stop number.
  2. Software settings
  To use the remote function, you must have software support. Most software has the network function enabled when it is shipped from the factory, but some software still needs to be enabled manually. Generally, the web service is enabled in the network settings.
video capture card
  3. Router settings
  If you directly use a modem to access the Internet, you do not need this setting. However, some capture cards do not support this function or may be unstable when using a modem.
  1. Open the control interface of the router: enter in the address bar, and the control panel login dialog box will appear: the default username and password are: admin.
  2. Set the virtual server in the forwarding rules - port 80 (the port used by most cards, but I heard that this port has been disabled in some cities, you can consult the local Netcom) IP is the IP address of the machine (local IP It is recommended to control it manually rather than obtain it automatically) Then enable the DMZ host, the host IP address is the local IP address, and finally enable the UPNP settings.
  4. How to browse in IE
  After all the above settings are completed, enter the free domain name you applied for in IE to log in to the remote monitoring interface. However, this interface requires the support of ActiveX plug-in. In many cases, IE will automatically regard this plug-in as risky software and deny access. We need Manually change the security options of IE to download this plug-in. The specific method is: open the tools on IE-intetrnet options-security-custom level-change all ActiveX plug-ins to enable or prompt, and then confirm that refreshing the page is OK.
  This article only introduces the settings of the 6805 card in the software control interface. For other compression card settings, please refer to this article and the product manual of the compression card.
  We need to remind everyone that there is professional "client" software in the software directory of the compression card. Remote control and access can be achieved through the client software (for the setting and use of the client, please refer to the user manual).

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