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By PURPLELEC | 19 September 2023 | 0 Comments

How to install the image capture card

  1. What should you pay attention to when installing image capture card hardware?
  Before installing the image card, you should read the instructions carefully. Image cards are high-tech products, and improper operation may lead to unpredictable results.
  Before taking the image card out of the anti-static package, please touch a conductive metal object with your hand to make sure your body is not charged with static electricity.
  When taking the image card, try to hold the edge of the card and do not touch the circuit part.
  Handle it with care to avoid damaging the components on the card.
  Plugging and unplugging the video input cable should be done after the host is powered off.
  After powering on the computer and the image card working, do not touch the image card or plug or unplug the video input cable.
  2. What are the requirements for the motherboard of the image capture card?
  The current requirements for the motherboard are: to provide expansion slots that comply with the PCI2.1 standard, and the expansion slots also provide 5V power;
  Supports Pentium or above CPU (the CPU frequency can be determined by the user according to task needs);
  The memory is more than 32MB or depends on the size and number of collected images;
  The recommended configuration is to use Intel main chip, 845, 865 or 945 series motherboard; memory is 256MB or more.
image capture card
  3. What are the power requirements of the image capture card?
  The current requirement for power supply is: use ATX power supply. The previous AT power supply cannot be used.
  4. What requirements does the image capture card have for the graphics card?
  The main requirement for the graphics card is to have more than 16M of independent video memory. At present, the mainstream graphics cards on the market can basically be used normally. Some graphics cards that cannot be used normally are: Trident9750; S3 Savage3D, Savage4.
  In addition, if it is an onboard graphics card, it can also be used if it meets the requirements of independent video memory. Shared video memory may cause the image card to be unable to obtain the base address of the graphics card, and is not recommended. When installing the display card driver, you should try to use the driver provided by the display card manufacturer.
  5. After the image capture card is plugged in, the system does not find new hardware?
  The metal feet of the image capture card may not be in good contact with the PCI slot. You can remove the image capture card and reinsert it or wipe the metal feet with an eraser and then change to another PCI slot.

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