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VGA optical transceiver

  The VGA-T1/R1 optical transceiver is composed of a VGA transmitter (VGA-T1) and a VGA receiver (VGA-R1), which transmits VGA, Audio, and RS232 signals through 1-core single-mode optical fiber. In multimedia application systems, it is often necessary to transmit VGA digital video signals, audio and video signals, and RS232 control signals over long distances. However, when using ordinary cables for long-distance transmission, the output signal will always be poor and easily affected by interference. The displayed image will appear blurred, trailing, color separation and other phenomena. At the same time, the transmission distance is short, and multiple cables are needed to transmit these signals at the same time, which cannot meet the long-distance transmission requirements of multimedia information release, high-definition cameras and other occasions. The use of ZY-VGA-T1/R1 optical transceiver for transmission completely solves such problems. The transmission distance of 1-core single-mode optical fiber is 1 meter to 20 kilometers. At the same time, optical transceiver transmission has the advantages of small attenuation, wide frequency bandwidth, strong anti-interference performance, high safety performance, small size, and light weight, so it has incomparable advantages in long-distance transmission and special environments. In addition, ZY-VGA-T1/R1 can simultaneously transmit RS232 serial port signals for communication with LCD screens, camera pan/tilts, and can also be used for long-distance transmission of touch screens. The application of VGA optical transceiver equipment in multimedia systems can save construction costs and wiring complexity while ensuring high quality.
  VGA-T1 is an optical transmitter, and VGA-R1 is an optical receiver. When the two devices are used together, the VGA-T1 optical transmitter can send VGA, Audio, and RS232 signals to the VGA-R1 optical receiver over a long distance via an optical cable. , is especially suitable for transmission of high-definition video signals within train platforms, military exercises, high-definition cameras and other long-distance applications.
  VGA-T1 is a single optical fiber output transmitter that connects to your computer or devices such as media playback or high-definition cameras. The connection method is as follows: directly connect to your computer or media playback device with a VGA cable, and connect the VGA-T1 transmitter to the 12V DC power supply. To avoid equipment damage, please use the standard power adapter. The optical fiber interface is used to connect to the VGA-R1 receiver, and the RS232 serial port can be connected to a PC or camera pan/tilt.
optical transmitter

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