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By PURPLELEC | 06 January 2024 | 0 Comments

What is RTMP protocol, RTMPT protocol, RTMPS protocol?

  RTMP is the abbreviation of Real-Time Messaging Protocol. It is a private protocol developed by Adobe Systems for audio, video and data transmission between Flash players and servers.
  The RTMP protocol is used by Flash for the transmission of objects, video, and audio. This protocol is built on the TCP protocol or the polling HTTP protocol.
  The RTMP protocol is like a container used to hold data packets. These data can be data in AMF format or video/audio data in FLV.
  A single connection can transmit multiple network streams through different channels. Packets in these channels are transmitted in fixed-size packets.
  So, what is the use of RTMP? The rtmp protocol can be used for video on demand and live video broadcast. For example, by installing FMS and cooperating with the player, you can realize the video on-demand and live broadcast functions under the rtmp protocol.
  Compared with HTTP protocol players, what are the advantages of RTMP protocol video playback? RTMP is much more secure than the http protocol. Video playback under the http protocol is cached locally, while RTMP interacts with data directly on the server.
  A variant of RTMP, which is equivalent to RTMP wrapped in http and can pass through firewalls.
  Another variant of RTMP, the difference from RTMPT is that it uses https secure connection. The SSL-encrypted RMTP protocol enhances the security of data communication.

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