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By PURPLELEC | 04 December 2023 | 0 Comments

2-in-1 docking station Type-c to HDMI+VGA converter

  Type-C to HDMI+VGA converter, connect mobile phones and notebooks to high-definition TVs/projectors. The interface adopts an aluminum alloy casing to reduce data loss, increase transmission speed, ensure 4K high-definition and smooth picture quality, and support simultaneous use of HDMI+VGA to connect 2 large screens. .
VGA converter
  HDMI: supports 4K*2K(3840*2160)30Hz and 4K*2K(3840*2160)60Hz
  VGA: supports 1920*1080P, backward compatible with 1080P, 1080I, 720P
  USB-C M: Complies with USB3.0/3.1 standard, compatible with Thunderbolt 3
VGA converter

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