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By PURPLELEC | 05 December 2023 | 0 Comments

Why do cameras and game live broadcasts need capture cards?

  Why do cameras need capture cards for live streaming?
capture cards
  If you want to use a camera to broadcast live, you have to rely on a computer to transmit the images. If the computer needs to collect the camera's signal, it has to use a capture card. Although many cameras can also directly use HDMI data cables, they use the 2.0 standard, which can only reach a maximum bit rate of 720p. The broadcast image quality is very poor, so direct connection is not as good as using a mobile phone to broadcast.
  Another reason is that the camera is prone to heat when directly connected to the computer, and many menu keys will be disabled. You can only use the camera's preset screen for many details, and there is no way to fine-tune it.
  Why do console game live broadcasts require capture cards?
capture cards
  The function of the capture card is to project the screen of Switch and other console games to your computer OBS software, so as to live broadcast the screen. Of course, because OBS captures game images, it takes up a lot of memory. Playing games is prone to frame drops, lagging, and high delays. Therefore, professional game anchors generally have two monitors, one with OBS and live broadcast software installed, and the other for playing games directly. .

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