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By PURPLELEC | 13 March 2024 | 0 Comments

Purplelec USB4 expansion cards

  USB4 expansion cards provide the ability to upgrade your PC with several USB4 ports. Not only tap into the throughput potential offered by USB4, but also deliver up to 100W PD (Power Delivery) to connected devices. There are two USB4 (USB-C) ports and two DP inputs. Its transmission capabilities will support the full 40Gbps specification and be compatible with Thunderbolt 3.
USB4 expansion cards
  The 100W PD will be limited to the main USB-C port while the second port will be capable of up to 27W. While the second port would only be good for powering smaller accessories, the main port would supply enough power for larger choices like an external monitor. It does this by taking power not only from PCIe but also from the PSU as well via a 6-pin connector. The PSU connection is required, so you’d have to make sure you have one that is not in use already by something else (ie, video cards, etc).
  If both ports are in use for PD purposes, you’ll likely see some load balancing as it is likely limited to 100W overall, but this is still good nonetheless.
  The card may only work with MSI boards depending on the TB header design, but we aren’t certain just yet. If it is anything like the TB4 card, it will feature MSI’s exclusive TB header. This would mean it wouldn’t work with other brands of motherboards. This isn’t such a problem though since other brands have solutions as well. For example, the ASUS ThunderboltEX 4 card not only supports TB4, but it also supports 100W PD as well. Which kind of makes it the king of all three cards now mentioned in this story (but isn’t compatible with MSI boards). So MSI’s card isn’t the only cool kid (or the coolest kid) on the block.  Some could even say that MSI is a little behind in its game these last few years. But, at least they are finally getting these options out there.

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