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By PURPLELEC | 04 September 2023 | 0 Comments

How to solve common faults of USB splitter

  1. Slow down
  Under the vista operating system, plug in the USB Hub (with 4 ports) and the U disk, and the computer prompts that the speed can be increased. Can the speed be increased?
  A USB splitter is just a tool for extending the USB interface. To put it bluntly, it is just an interface expansion tool. In fact, using a USB splitter can only slow down the speed of the USB device, and it is absolutely impossible to make it faster. The best way is that you connect the USB device directly to the computer's USB port instead of connecting it through the USB-Hub. Especially for mobile hard disks, don't covet the convenience of using USB-Hub to connect, this will even damage the life of your mobile hard disk.
  You don’t need to ignore this prompt, because it is very likely that the USB-Hub’s power supply is insufficient to cause this prompt to appear. Even if you change to another socket, there is no better effect. In addition, the USB-Hub should not be connected to a mobile hard disk. Some things such as cameras are more suitable for connecting to the USB-Hub. Do not connect too many devices to the USB-Hub, it is best to connect it directly to the computer.
  2. External mobile hard disk cannot be used
  To put it simply, the power supply of the mobile hard disk is insufficient. The mobile hard disk is powered by USB, and the mobile hard disk generally uses a notebook hard disk, with 0.5A--1A. The smaller the current, the lower the requirement for USB power supply, and vice versa. The USBHub does not have its own power supply, but borrows the 5V power from the motherboard's USB. Just so you know. If you don't recognize it, it means that the power supply is insufficient. You can use the mobile hard disk directly on the motherboard.
  You can try to choose a hard disk with low working current, and buy a good-quality USB splitter for notebooks, and most of the problem will be solved.

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