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By PURPLELEC | 04 September 2023 | 0 Comments

What is a splitter

  1. Splitter principle
  In the 10/100M Ethernet network we use, the transmission interface is Category 5 twisted pair. It is composed of 4 pairs of 8-core wires. We only use 4 of them (2 pairs) for data transmission, and there are 4 (2 pairs) of lines left.
  Therefore, we can use the remaining 4 lines as data transmission. In this way, one network cable can be used for two users to access the Internet at the same time. We generally don't use it that way.
  After understanding the principle of the splitter, we should understand that the splitter made by the network center still allows users to enjoy the line alone. It divides the 8 lines in the network line into two groups of lines to transmit data. Therefore, it does not It will affect the speed and bandwidth of users surfing the Internet. This is fundamentally different in transmission from the branch connectors generally bought from outside. Therefore, it will not cause users connected to the same pair of splitters to be unable to access each other.
  2. The composition of the splitter
  Splitters are used in pairs. A pair of splitters is composed of two splitters.
  A splitter consists of two crystal heads and a module. The two crystal heads are connected to the module through twisted pairs. One of the crystal heads is arranged as follows: blue, blue-white, brown-white, and brown wires are located in slots 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the crystal head respectively. Another arrangement of the crystal head is that the four wires, green and white, green, orange and white, and orange, are in slots 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the crystal head respectively. The same is done for the other pair of splitters.
  3. Use of splitter
  The client (dormitory) and the switch each require a splitter. If both ends of the network cable have crystal heads, connect the crystal heads on both sides to the modules of the two splitters respectively. Generally, the longer splitter is placed on the user side, and the shorter splitter is placed on the switch side. The two crystal heads of the computer room side splitter are plugged into the two ports of the switch respectively, and the two crystal heads of the user side splitter are connected to two users respectively.
  4. Precautions for using splitters and judging whether they are good or bad
  1. The splitter should be used only when there is no problem with the twisted pair (none of the 8 core wires are disconnected).
  2. A pair of splitters is equivalent to turning one twisted pair into two straight-through lines. Therefore, the crystal head arranged in blue, blue and white, brown and white, and brown corresponds to the crystal head arranged in blue, blue and white, brown and white, and brown on the other end. Pay attention to this issue when using and testing the quality of the splitter.
  3. The detection method of the splitter is the same as that of the common twisted pair.

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