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By PURPLELEC | 19 January 2024 | 0 Comments

How to buy a USB hub

  1. Try to buy a USB3.0 hub
  USB3.0 hub can make transmission simple
  The USB hub supports USB2.0, with a maximum transmission speed of up to 480Mbps; USB3.0 is backward compatible with USB2.0/1.1, with a theoretical bandwidth of 5Gbps; and the highest USB3.1 is also backward compatible with USB3.0/2.0/1.1 , the theoretical bandwidth reaches 10Gbps. What does it mean? In other words, when you use 2.0 to transfer more than a dozen photos, the entire movie with 3.0 has been transferred, and the opening credits have been broadcast with 3.1. Moreover, the power supply of the USB3.0 standard has increased from 500mA in 2.0 to 900mA. Most chargers for iPhones are 1A, so charging mobile phones with USB3.0 is not a big problem. In today's fast-paced world, purchasing a HUB with USB 3.0 or above will make transmission easier.
USB hub manufacturer
  2. An independent power interface should be provided as much as possible
  The calibrated input voltage of a mobile hard disk is generally 5V and 500mA, while the total current that a USB2.0 interface hub can provide is 500mA. Therefore, a USB hub can only provide normal use of a mobile hard disk. If you plug in a U disk and read a card If the external device such as a portable hard disk is used, the power supply of the mobile hard disk will be insufficient, causing data interruption during use, and even risking damage to the mobile hard disk.
  Therefore, if you frequently use high-power-consuming devices such as mobile hard drives, you will need an independent power interface on the hub to provide additional power. The independent power supply can reach 5V and 2.4A fast charging capacity. While the mobile hard disk can be used with confidence, if used with high-quality charging cables, the charging of various devices can also reach the fast charging level, saving several chargers.
  3. Choose a brand with reliable quality
  As a hub that provides power, safety of use is the most important. In order to ensure safety and stability during use, it is crucial to choose regular channels and reliable brands. During the purchase process, you must go to a regular merchant and pay attention to the logo during the selection process. Generally, there is a detailed manufacturer address on the back of the packaging box. The technical parameters include voltage and current values. The implementation standards must comply with GB4391 equipment safety standard.
  Shenzhen Purplelec Technology Co., Ltd. is a USB hub manufacturer that provides customers with peripheral research and development such as computer software and hardware, smart mobile devices, storage network management, and smart 3C products. Existing product series: docking stations and USB hubs, SSD and HDD hard disk boxes, video capture cards, radio and television equipment accessories and other professional 3C accessories.

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