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By PURPLELEC | 21 October 2023 | 0 Comments

What is the function of Type-C to HDMI cable?

  Type-C to HDMI cable can connect your mobile phone to TV/computer/projector and other equipment with one click for split-screen operation without affecting each other, improving work efficiency. After turning on the Bluetooth function, you can also connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, which is easier to operate. There is no need for cumbersome protocols and connector adapters or hardware protection devices. The HDMI signal of the machine is transmitted through a single cable.
Type-C to HDMI cable
  1. Transform the small screen into a big screen: enjoy chicken fun, watch dramas on the big screen, mobile office, easy learning, everything you can think of can be realized for you!
  2. 4K*2K high-definition picture quality, clearly magnifying every detail; Type-C and HDMI adapter cable products also support simultaneous transmission of audio and video, no network required, no driver required, plug and play, it is so convenient and simple.
  3. Gold-plated terminals, sandblasted aluminum alloy shell, ultimate black wire body. Deep Blue Avenue Type-C and HDMI adapter cable product materials use PVC environmentally friendly outer cover, which is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, safe and reliable to use; the interface is gold-plated, with long service life, more resistant to plugging and unplugging and oxidation; exquisite sandblasted aluminum shell ,strong and sturdy. Because the interface is often plugged and unplugged, it is important to choose an adapter cable made of good material.
  4. Light luxury color matching is the first choice for fashionistas, smart chip + excellent shielding to protect you all the way. Suitable for connecting devices with Type-c interface and display devices with HDMI interface, designed for the new Macbook.

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