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By PURPLELEC | 23 October 2023 | 0 Comments

How to use hdd enclosure and hard disk

  As the name suggests, the hdd enclosure is a box for installing the hard disk. The hdd enclosure can convert the hard disk with SATA/IDE interface into a common USB interface, so that it can be plugged into a computer and TV for use. It is equivalent to turning the hard disk into a mobile hard disk, and at the same time it also protects the hard disk. .
  Types of hard drive enclosures The type of hard drive enclosures is mainly determined by the hard drive interface. According to the different hard drive interfaces, common hard drive enclosures include sata hard drive enclosures, m2 hard drive enclosures and multi-bay hard drive array enclosures.
  Most desktop computers and notebooks have built-in SATA interface hard drives (the IDE interface has been eliminated), and only some ultrabooks use the new m2 interface hard drives.
hard drive enclosures
  How to use the hard drive box
  An ordinary hard disk can be changed into a mobile hard disk. Whether it is a 3.5-inch desktop hard disk or a 2.5-inch notebook hard disk, it can be turned into a mobile hard disk through the corresponding mobile hdd enclosure. The 3.5-inch model generally needs to be plugged in separately, while the 2.5-inch model is usually powered by the USB port.
  Modification method: 1. First buy a mobile hdd enclosure. Generally, when buying a mobile hdd enclosure, it will come with a USB data cable. Therefore, there is generally no need to buy another data cable; 2. Put the disassembled hard disk into the mobile hdd enclosure, plug in the USB data cable, and then connect it to the computer.
  hdd enclosure usage tutorial
  When there is only one hard drive bay in the chassis, the optional methods for adding a hard drive are as follows: 1) Replace the DVD optical drive in the optical drive bay with a hard drive. Both the optical drive and the hard drive use SATA interfaces and are compatible with each other; 2) If the motherboard supports the eSATA interface , you can directly install the hard disk into it with a hdd enclosure that supports the eSATA interface, and use it externally outside the host; 3) Use a mobile hdd enclosure to connect the hard disk to the host through the USB interface, but the transmission rate of the hard disk using the USB interface will be lower than that of ESATA and SATA interface.

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