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By PURPLELEC | 18 June 2024 | 0 Comments

One SDI acquisition card surrounds the output

  The new SDI video capture card launched by Purplelec can realize 1 SD/HD/3G-SDI signal acquisition and 1 SDI signal output loop at the same time. Support SD/ HD/ 3G-SDI video signal, resolution up to 1080P/60HZ, support windows system, but also compatible with linux operating system, with a complete collection and recording software, and provide SDK secondary development kit, can meet the needs of various industry applications.
SDI video capture card
  SDI capture card can capture and play native uncompressed HD, standard definition video, restore color more realistic, using high-speed large-capacity image caching technology, eliminate screen wire-drawing phenomenon, and high sampling rate and high sampling accuracy to ensure that the screen has high sharpness, rich details, reduce color edges, bring users high-quality audio and video experience.
  SDI acquisition card HD signal acquisition support can reach 1080p60, no frame loss phenomenon; PCI-E host interface is used for high-speed transmission, and the main image processing functions are completed in FPGA, which liberates the CPU to the greatest extent. Supports multiple cards in one machine and can run at the same time. Standard development interface compatible with more software.
  At present, SDI camera and SDI matrix are widely used in the market, and after having SDI video capture card, SDI audio and video signals can be collected in real time, and video live broadcast, network broadcast, multimedia acquisition, teaching recording and broadcasting, large screen splicing can be realized through software.

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