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By PURPLELEC | 03 November 2023 | 0 Comments

What is M2 solid state drive

  M2 solid-state drives, often called NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor), are solid-state drives based on PCIe or SATA communication protocols. Compared with traditional SATA hard drives, they have a smaller form factor, greater speed and better performance. power management features.
  The communication protocol of M2 solid-state drive can be SATA or PCIe. SATA is a communication protocol for solid-state drives and mechanical hard drives. It can connect the motherboard and solid-state drives through traditional SATA data cables; while PCIe is a higher-level communication protocol that can provide faster data transfer speeds and better memory management. Usually, M2 solid-state drives use the PCIe protocol to achieve higher data transfer speeds.
  M2 solid-state drives use the same NAND Flash and controller as traditional SATA hard drives. The controller is the central component for hard drive management and data transfer, and it must communicate with the computer system's motherboard using appropriate communication protocols. Unlike traditional SATA hard drives, M2 solid-state drives use the PCIe communication protocol, which gives them speed and performance that ordinary SATA hard drives cannot achieve.
  Compared with traditional SATA hard drives, M2 solid-state drives have faster read and write speeds, smaller size, lower power consumption and better thermal management. They can also support the NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) standard, which is an optimized high-speed interface protocol optimized for solid-state drive designs to provide higher performance and efficiency.

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