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By PURPLELEC | 11 September 2023 | 0 Comments

how to use a desktop hard drive case

  Desktop computers rely on hard drives to store data, and ordinary hard drives can only be installed in a computer case. If taken out and placed in a external hard drive case, it can be used as an external storage disk. So how to use a desktop hard drive case?
hard drive case
  The usage of a hard drive case is relatively simple. Insert the hard drive into the case (pay attention to the correct orientation of the interface), cover the case with the lid, and then insert the case into a computer or television. Taking a certain brand of hard drive case as an example, the specific steps are as follows:
  1、Insert the 3.5-inch hard drive horizontally into the SATA interface and push it in, then cover it with the back cover and lock it in place.
  2、The hard drive case has a USB3.0 data interface, a DC12V power interface, and a power switch. There are two indicators on the body, a blue power indicator that lights up when powered on, and a green indicator that stays on during standby and blinks during read/write operations.
  3、Connect the USB cable and power adapter, insert one end of the USB cable into the USB port of the computer, turn on the power switch, and wait for several seconds for the hard drive to be recognized by the computer as a disk drive. Then you can write to or read data from it.
  After assembling the hard drive and the hard drive case, they can expand the storage space for mobile phones, computers, televisions, routers, smart boxes and other devices, allowing unused hard drives to regain their usefulness.

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