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By PURPLELEC | 13 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Development Status of HD Video Capture Card

  The video industry has developed very rapidly in recent years, and high-definition video has become the trend of video development. Although high-definition video has not been fully popularized, it is only a matter of time. For example, high-definition video has been widely popularized in professional fields such as live video broadcasting, online conferencing, and teaching recording, and high-definition video has also begun to become popular in personal home applications, such as high-definition TVs, high-definition players, and high-definition projectors. Of course, high-definition video capture cards have also made great progress in recent years.
high-definition video capture cards
  High-definition video capture cards mainly include VGA capture cards, HDMI capture cards, DVI capture cards, SDI capture cards, etc. The application and popularization of high-definition video capture cards represent the Chengdu and stage of the development of streaming media video. There is no doubt that high-definition video capture cards are gradually adapting to the current and future diversified needs and will become the main product in the field of high-definition video. With the popularization of USB3.0, USB3.0 high-definition capture cards have also been launched.
  In the video capture card industry, soft compression mode video capture cards are now basically used. This is mainly due to the increasing improvement of current computer configurations and the increasing comprehensiveness of software functions. Soft compression capture cards are more cost-effective, and combined with various streaming media application software, more extended functions can be achieved.
  At present, high-definition video capture cards are mainly used in various audio and video signal acquisition needs such as multimedia recording and broadcasting, distance learning, video conferencing, webcasting, large-screen splicing, medical imaging, etc. In particular, with the popularity of high-definition video cameras, high-definition set-top boxes, high-definition medical equipment, etc., the application demand for high-definition video capture cards is increasing. For example, according to different device signal sources, they can be divided into: VGA high-definition capture card, HDMI high-definition capture card, DVI high-definition capture card, SDI high-definition capture card, etc., and most of these high-definition capture cards use PCI-E 1X slots or even PCI-E 4X slots, which is mainly due to the high transmission bandwidth of these slot interfaces.

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