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By PURPLELEC | 18 September 2023 | 0 Comments

How to identify the quality of high-definition capture cards?

  High-definition video capture card, that is, VGA high-definition capture card, can directly capture VGA signals. It can capture and compress the input VGA video signals in real time, and can immediately display the VGA data of another or even multiple devices on a monitor at the same time without adding additional data. Additional equipment.
High-definition video capture card
  How to identify the quality of high-definition capture cards?
  1. Stability is good enough
  The quality of a high-definition video capture card has a lot to do with its stability. You can't say that you bought a capture card and it broke after a week of use, and then replaced it, and then it broke again after less than a month, and you have to buy another one. Replacement or repair will seriously affect the use experience. Therefore, a good video capture card should be able to withstand the requirements of 24/7 non-stop work. The stability must be high to meet the needs of special groups of people.
  2. Support the output resolution of the acquisition signal source
  In order to create gimmicks, some sellers often claim that they can support 1080P/60 frames, but the high-definition video capture card actually supports 1080P/30 frames. So this is very important. You must buy a high-definition video capture card based on the resolution that supports capture. There are various types of capture cards on the Internet, but some live streaming cannot output 1080P/60 frames.
  3. Good enough compatibility with software
  Because cheap high-definition video capture cards are not compatible with all video capture card software on the market, and some only support their own software, which can easily cause trouble in use.
  4. Remember not to hot swap
  The most important thing about high-definition video capture cards is to remember not to hot-swap them. Be sure to unplug and plug the signal cable when the device is powered off or the computer is powered off. In daily customer problems, the capture card interface is often burned due to hot swapping.
  5. USB video capture card is best equipped with USB independent power supply
  If you want to add a USB extension cable when choosing a USB high-definition video capture card, it is best to use one with USB independent power supply to avoid insufficient power supply of the USB interface and unable to be used normally.

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