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By PURPLELEC | 27 December 2023 | 0 Comments

Basic knowledge of HDMI interface

 1. What is HDMI interface?
  HDMI interface, the full name in Chinese is High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a fully digital video and sound transmission interface that can send uncompressed audio and video signals. The HDMI interface can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players and other equipment manufacturers. The HDMI interface can also send audio and video signals at the same time, simplifying the difficulty of system line installation.
HDMI interface
  2. Transmission principle of HDMI interface
  The HDMI interface is mainly originated from the DVI interface, with the TS signal transmission technology of American Crystal Image Company as the core, which is also the reason why the HDMI interface and the DVI interface can be interchanged. Generally, an HDMI interface is composed of a pair of signal sources and receivers, and a system also contains multiple HDMI input or output devices. In each HDMI interface input interface, connector information can be received according to standards, and the signal output interface can also carry all signal information.
  3. Characteristics of HDMI interface
  1. The HDMI interface is well integrated with the [sensitive word] HDMI standard, and can well support 4K*2K resolution to transmit Ethernet channels, audio return channels, support 3D functions, etc.
  2. The HDMI interface can also support 4K resolution output very well, which improves the foundation for the support of current TVs and monitors.
  3. The HDMI interface can also support 3D functions and meet the display signal transmission requirements of 3D TVs. It can also support a color gamut space of more than 30 bits. In addition, it can display particularly realistic colors under various HDMI interface standards.

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