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By PURPLELEC | 27 December 2023 | 0 Comments

Why do mobile phones and computers all have Type-C interfaces?

  Many mid-to-high-end mobile phones or thin and light laptops are gradually equipped with Type-c interfaces, while abandoning all other interfaces. What are the advantages of Type-C interface?
Type-C interface
  1. Transmission speed
  Compared with traditional data interfaces, the data transmission speed of Type-C interface is faster. The theoretical transmission speed of USB 3.1 Type C can reach 10Gbps.
  2. Two-way power supply
  The Type-c interface supports two-way power supply, which can both charge the device itself and output current to charge external devices.
  In this way, through the type-c interface, not only can the notebook be used to charge mobile devices, but other devices or mobile power supplies can also be used to charge the notebook.
  3. Charging with larger current and voltage
  The Type-c interface supports powerful power transmission (100W). It can be said that it is designed for fast charging, completely killing the traditional Micro-USB interface.
  4. Extended functions
  The Type-C interface also has powerful extension functions, such as:
  ①Plug in the network cable
  When the WIFI signal and 4G network of mobile phones and laptops are very unstable, you can plug the network cable directly into the mobile phone through a Type-C network cable converter or docking station, and the network will be unimpeded.
  ②HD screen projection
  It has an amazing data transmission speed as the basis. It can be converted to HDMI/VGA high-definition interface through type-c. It only requires a simple cable to easily cast the screen of mobile phones and notebooks directly to TVs or projections.
  ③Read data
  Mobile phones and laptops can directly read the contents of SD cards/TF cards/U disks through converters.

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