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By PURPLELEC | 01 August 2023 | 0 Comments

Acasis Thunderbolt 3 Mobile Hard Disk Box Evaluation

  Introduction of test computer, solid-state hard disk and speed measurement software:
  Notebook: The laptop I use is a 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro 256G. Since 2018, all four type-c ports of Apple MacBook Pro support full-speed Thunderbolt 3, which means that you can enjoy the high-speed pleasure brought by several Thunderbolt devices such as LG 34WK95U monitor and Thunderbolt 3 hard disk box at the same time.
  Solid state drive: Hikvision C2000 Pro 1T, domestic product quality, adopts UNIS original 3D TLC, customized SMI2262EN master control, maximum read speed 3400MB/s, maximum write speed 3100MB/s, price 839 RMB, warranty The policy is only repaired and not replaced for 10 years, and the price/performance ratio is simply crazy.
Hard Disk Box
  Speed measurement software: Disk Speed Test hard disk speed measurement software under BlackmagicDesign has an intuitive and beautiful interface. It can test the read and write capabilities of storage media in terms of video frame rate and format. It uses the frame rate and format of the video as the standard for speed measurement. It is a commonly used hard disk speed measurement software on MacBook.
  Acasis Thunderbolt 3 mobile hard disk box is made of pure aluminum cnc as a whole. The silver shell is matched with light gray LOGO, which looks low-key but full of sense of technology. The size of measurements is 100mm*52mm*14mm, which can be easily grasped with one hand, plus a weight of about 100 grams, it is heavy and solid in the hand.
Hard Disk Box
  Installation link:
  The installation process of the ssd is very simple - insert it directly into the M Key interface in the hard disk box, screw on the ssd fixing screw, install the back cover, and it's done.
hard disk enclosure
  After plugging the hard disk box into the notebook, it lights up smoothly. First of all, use Apple's own disk tool to format. Considering that the hard disk is mainly used in the Apple system, I choose Apple APFS as the format method. The whole process only takes about 8 seconds, which is very fast.
  According to the system report of the MacBook, the hardware information of the Acasis Thunderbolt 3 mobile hard disk is Intel Ash Creek, and the firmware version is 41.1.
  Speed measurement link:
  Use BMD's Disk Speed Test software to test, select the target disk as C2000 Pro 1t, and adopt 5G stress test, the writing speed is 1304MB/s, the reading speed is 1724MB/s, and the video transmission of various formats is all green ticked, and the overall performance exceeds My original Samsung T5 has a lot, and it only takes about 1 minute to copy a 55G 4k Blu-ray high-definition (MKV single file).
hard disk enclosure
  Afterwards, I tested the running scores of the ssd solid state drive that comes with the MacBook Pro body, 1496MB/s read and 2726MB/s write. It can be seen that the advantage of its read and write speed is not obvious in front of the Thunderbolt solid state drive box.
hard disk enclosure
  By copying some video materials and using FCPX for simple editing, the reading speed is no different from the original hard disk of the notebook, and the performance is very good. At the same time, I intercepted some test results of netizens who use the Windows operating system, and the reading and writing can reach more than 2000MB/s.
  This Thunderbolt 3 mobile hard disk enclosure from Acasis can meet the needs of general users in terms of appearance, workmanship and actual effect. It is worth buying for netizens who have laptops with Thunderbolt interface.

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