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By PURPLELEC | 23 January 2024 | 0 Comments

ASMEDIA Technology's USB4 device-side control chip ASM2464PD has obtained global USB-IF certificatio

  ASMEDIA Technology's ASM2464PD chip has become the first USB4 device-side control chip certified by the USB-IF Association, officially kicking off the upcoming USB4 new era.
  ASMEDIA's ASM2464PD chip integrates 6 chips of the original Thunderbolt3 device-side product on the printed circuit board (PCB). In addition to helping customers increase the supported specifications, it also supports past product specifications, improves performance to 40Gbps, and saves production. Parts (BOM) cost, reduced PCB area requirements, simplified PCB routing, etc., improve multiple goals that were unachievable in the past.
ASM2464PD chip
  In terms of speed improvement, USB4 can reach a speed of up to 40Gbps (with a maximum performance of about 3800MB/s), which is twice that of USB3.2 (about 2000MB/s) in the past. In addition, unlike the traditional data mechanism, USB4 uses "tunneling" technology to transmit data, allowing USB4 to transmit data simultaneously through different channels in different modes to improve transmission efficiency. USB4 uniformly uses Type-C as the connector, and the signal is transmitted through dual channels without distinction between front and back to improve the convenience of end users.
  In terms of multitasking, through the PCIe gen4 packet switch technology built into the ASM2464PD, it is even easier to connect multiple PCIe devices or NVMe flash disks at the same time (up to four groups can be supported without external chips) ). This takes advantage of the high bandwidth and dynamic bandwidth allocation functions unique to USB4, allowing users to use multiple devices such as external Walkmans, SSD solid state drives, CFExpress cards, various PCIe high-speed network cards, and multi-port AHCI cards. Bandwidth can also be fully utilized.

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