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By PURPLELEC | 20 November 2023 | 0 Comments

2.5 inch USB 3.0 external hard drive enclosure

  2.5 inch hard drive enclosure, USB 3.0 external hard drive enclosure, SATA external drive enclosure, 5Gbps tool-less hard drive enclosure adapter for 7mm/9.5mm SATA HDD SSD.
2.5 inch hard drive enclosure
  Fast Transfer: The maximum transmission rate of 2.5in hard drive enclosure is 5Gbps, which is fast, and the hard drive enclosure can support UASP accelerated transmission protocol, which greatly improves the storage or backup efficiency of the device.
  Good Protection: Hard drive Enclosure preserves hard drives from external scratches and makes SATA hard drives easy for data storage.
  Support System: External HDD case adapter supports for Windows,for LINUX,for OS X 8.0 and above. Designed for 2.5in 7mm/9.5mm SATA HDDs and SSDs up to 2TB.
  Easy to Use: HDD enclosure tool free installation, no driver required, just push out the cover, insert the drive, close the cover, support hot swap, no additional power supply required.
  Wide Compatibility: USB3.0 hard drive enclosure can easily connect 2.5in SSD and HDD to PC,Laptop for data transfer or expand storage.

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