USB 3.2 20Gbps Portable M.2 SSD Enclosure

Item No.: PEC-TB003
* Plug and Play
* USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C Interface 20Gbps
* Support Interface protocols M.2 NVMe(PCIe)
* SSD Size 22X30mm/22X42mm/22X60mm/22X80mm
* Aluminum housing+ABS
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  • Cable:
    C to C
    A to C
    Dual Cables
  • MOQ:
    500(Free Logo)
  TB003 is an NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure: small and lightweight, data can be easily carried; a new trend in mobile storage, USB3.2 Gen2x2 standard 20G speed, born for extreme speed; in the era of extreme speed, it is convenient to see me, stable and fast transfer, I have a say right.
  Using ASM2364 as the main control chip and equipped with PCI Express NVMe SSD protocol, data transmission is more stable, lossless data, no damage to the hard drive, lower power consumption, more powerful performance, small body, large capacity, supports 8TB capacity hard drive, easy storage of large files ; The groove diversion design assists heat dissipation, and the side diversion design greatly increases the contact area with the air, which is beneficial to dissipating heat in time, making the hard drive work more effectively and stably. This product only supports the NVMe PCI-E protocol 2280 size M.2 NVMe SSD. The green indicator light is always on when in standby and sleeping, and flashes when reading and writing. The working status is clear at a glance. The aluminum alloy body + plastic upper and lower covers can quickly dissipate heat and achieve multiple cooling effects. It has fast heat dissipation, no heat, no slowdown, and stable transmission. Light, luxurious and compact, easy to store, hold in one hand and does not take up space.
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