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What is wireless image transmission technology

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Update time : 2024-01-08 11:49:09
  Wireless image transmission is a small device in wireless technology. It can connect cameras and monitors/displays (HD cameras) via signals within a certain range. That is to say, you can see the shooting content and shooting effects of the distant camera through the monitor/display here.
  Advantages of wireless image transmission:
  1. Cost savings: The establishment of wired communication requires the erection of cables or the digging of cable trenches, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources; while the wireless data transmission method does not require the erection of cables or the digging of cable trenches. In contrast, wireless data transmission saves costs.
  2. Widely used: The limitations of wired communication are too great. When encountering some special application environments, such as special geographical environments such as mountains, lakes, and forest areas, or application environments where wiring is difficult such as moving objects, It will have strong constraints on the wiring project of the wired network, but the wireless image transmission method will not be subject to these restrictions, so the wireless data transmission method has better and wider adaptability than wired communication.
  3. Easy to operate: After the user has established a set of networks, he or she discovers that the system needs to add new devices. If the wired method is used, rewiring is required, the construction is more troublesome, and the original communication lines may be damaged. However, if the wireless data transmission method is used, the system can be realized by simply connecting the new equipment to the wireless data transmission station. 's expanded.
  4. Easy maintenance: The maintenance of wired communication links requires inspection along the line. When a fault occurs, it is difficult to find the fault point. However, when using wireless data transmission, only the data transmission module needs to be maintained. When a fault occurs, the cause can be quickly found. Restore normal operation of the line.
  5. You can use it at any time with confidence: because it can work for a long time, there is no need to worry about power outages. While in use, if the power supply prompts that the battery is low, you can add a power bank and replace it with a new battery. No matter what, it can meet its working power requirements.
  Professional mobile video live broadcast terminal
video live broadcast terminal
  T80 is a real-time video transmission terminal based on multi-link aggregation technology and H.265 encoding technology. It is equipped with three built-in 4G modules and a USB expansion interface, and supports both WiFi and wired network access. Highly reliable link aggregation technology can maximize the bandwidth of all network links to transmit high-definition video in real time. The weight of about 600 grams, compact design, and simple touch screen user interface make it highly reliable while adapting to the portability requirements of various scenarios. The video transmission system's proprietary cloud aggregation server can receive and distribute multiple video streams at the same time. T80 provides the equipment foundation for mobile news gathering, outdoor live broadcast and emergency command.