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Video capture card live broadcast solution

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Update time : 2024-01-02 11:08:10
  1. Capture card live broadcast solution hardware
  Required hardware: capture card, laptop, live broadcast input signal (such as camera), data cable (SDI/HDMI cable, etc.), network, network cable
  2. Connection method
capture card
  3. Live broadcast method
  1. Log in to the capture card operating software on a laptop computer
capture card
  2. Go to the device settings to select the input audio and video signal source, select the video standard, and adjust the video properties (brightness, saturation, etc.)
Video capture card
  3. Go to the streaming settings to set the push address, code rate setting, encoding mode, etc. of the witnessing platform.
Video capture card
  4. Click the Start Live Broadcast button below the preview interface of the software's main interface to start the video live broadcast.