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Practical application scenarios of video capture cards

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Update time : 2023-11-09 10:56:27
  Video capture card is a device used to convert ana-log signals into digital signals. It can collect image signals from ana-log cameras, video recorders, digital cameras and other equipment into a computer for display, editing, storage and other operations.
  Different devices require different capture cards. For different application scenarios, users should choose the most suitable video capture card according to their needs. There are two main types of video capture cards on the market: USB interface video capture cards and PCI interface video capture cards.
Video capture card
  The video capture card with USB interface is suitable for home entertainment, video recording and other applications. This kind of capture card can be connected to the computer through the USB interface and is very convenient to use. Since the USB interface adopts a standardized interface, most computers and their peripherals now use USB interfaces, so USB interface capture cards can have strong compatibility with various devices. At the same time, the price of USB capture cards is relatively low and suitable for mass consumption.
  PCI interface video capture card is suitable for professional cameras and surveillance camera applications. It can transmit ana-log signals to the computer through the PCI interface, capture high-quality video, and achieve efficient video editing and production. Since the PCI interface provides a more stable and high-speed data transmission environment, the collected video signals are clearer and more high-fidelity. At the same time, PCI interface capture cards also support multi-channel video input and real-time recording, playback and other functions, and are widely used in surveillance, advertising, medicine and other fields.
Video capture card