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Purplelec USB3.0 hub enables multi-device charging and group control

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Update time : 2023-12-19 10:28:35
  PurPlelec USB3.0 hub adopts an independent control design, and each interface does not interfere with each other at all. It can conveniently solve the problem of few peripheral interfaces in notebook computers. This hub has multiple models, which can expand a USB3.0 interface into different USB ports such as 7, 10, 13, 16, etc., and they are all 5Gbps high-speed transmission interfaces, so you no longer have to worry about insufficient USB ports.
USB3.0 hub
  This USB3.0 hub has a single USB port that supports 5V2.4A high current output. For this reason, the USB3.0 hub uses a 12V2A adapter for input power supply to ensure stable output voltage and high current. It adopts a metal + transparent shell design, which combines sturdiness and technology. The metal shell conducts heat well. There are rubber protective pads and wall-mounting screw holes on the back, which is convenient for vertical or horizontal installation. It is also very convenient to use directly on the desktop.
  The USB3.0 hub has multiple USB ports, and independent control can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, and smart devices in batches. It can be used for real-time plugging and unplugging of multiple mobile devices in the print shop, or APP group control, which is very convenient. You can charge your phone while reading and writing from the mobile storage disk. It is compatible with windows, Linux and MacOS, regardless of the system.
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