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What are the benefits of using an external USB video capture card for live streaming?

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Update time : 2024-07-08 10:51:32
  The external USB video capture card is a high-tech device that supports the capture and processing of video information output by related video interfaces. Like the built-in capture card, it can be connected to capture high-definition cameras, high-definition set-top boxes, players and other related products.
USB video capture cards
  There are several significant benefits to using an external USB video capture card for live streaming, especially in terms of flexibility, convenience and performance. Here are some specific benefits:
  1. Plug and play: External USB capture cards are usually designed to be plug-and-play, which means you don’t need to install additional drivers or make complicated settings, just plug the device into the USB port to start using it, which greatly improves the performance. Simplified live broadcast preparation.
  2. Mobility: Due to the external design, this type of capture card is usually small and easy to carry, and is suitable for live broadcasting in different locations. Whether it is outdoor live broadcast, travel live broadcast or switching between different studios, it can be easily handled .
  3. Convenient power supply: Many external USB capture cards can be powered directly through the USB interface without the need for an additional power adapter, which reduces the burden of carrying and makes the desktop cleaner.
  4. Multi-device compatibility: The external USB capture card can be used not only on desktop computers, but also on laptops, increasing the flexibility of use. This is a huge advantage for users who often need to work on the move or live broadcast on different devices.
  5. Video quality improvement: The capture card can support the collection and output of ultra-high-definition video signals, which means that the live video picture has higher resolution, higher definition, and better picture quality, and is more in line with high-standard and high-demand online live broadcasts. need.
  6. Reduce system load: Using an external capture card can reduce the burden on the live broadcast computer, especially when live streaming games or complex visual content. The capture card can handle the conversion and encoding of video signals, preventing the game computer from processing game rendering and video encoding at the same time. The dual pressure helps maintain the smoothness of the gaming experience.
  7. Loop-out function: Some high-end external capture cards have HDMI loop-out function, which allows you to send the original video signal to the live broadcast software and the monitor at the same time, so that you can see the real-time picture on the monitor while broadcasting, which is convenient Monitor live broadcast quality.
  8. USB version: Modern external USB capture cards usually support USB 3.0 or higher, which means they can provide faster data transfer speeds, ensuring clear picture quality and smooth video streaming.
  External USB video capture cards have become an ideal choice for many anchors and content creators for professional live broadcasts due to their convenience, compatibility and improvement in video quality.