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4K 60Hz Type-C docking station HUB brings convenience

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Update time : 2023-09-27 10:41:12
  Type c docking station can be simply understood as a "stitch monster" that can expand the functions of a laptop. It is used to connect a variety of external devices to achieve data transmission, video output, charging and other functions.
  Nowadays, more and more people choose docking stations, which are not limited to extending USB ports. They provide a variety of interface types and functions to meet users' different connection needs, thereby providing a more powerful, convenient and efficient working environment.
Type c docking station
  1. Multifunctional expansion
  When a laptop has only one Type-C interface, it will cause great trouble in some office scenarios, especially when multiple external devices need to be connected at the same time.
  For example, when office workers have a meeting, they may need to insert a USB flash drive into a laptop to read the PPT file, and display the content through a projector. However, traditional wired projectors usually require a VGA or HDMI interface to connect, and these interfaces do not exist on laptops with only one Type-C interface.
  Insufficient interfaces will seriously affect office efficiency. This problem needs to be solved in other ways, such as using docking stations to provide additional interfaces to connect various external devices. The docking station can provide a variety of interface types, such as USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, SD card slot, etc., to meet users' needs for connecting different external devices. This allows users to connect multiple devices simultaneously, such as external monitors, hard drives, projectors, keyboards and mice, etc., thereby increasing work efficiency and convenience.
  2. Data transmission speed
  Type C docking station usually supports high-speed data transmission protocols, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB3.1, Thunderbolt, etc. This means users can transfer large files, back up data, or perform high-bandwidth tasks such as video editing faster, improving work efficiency and user experience.
  3. Video output expansion
  Whether it is USB4 or Thunderbolt 4, the high bandwidth provided points to the same expansion direction, that is, multi-screen use. And this is also one of the main features of high-end docking stations in the future.
  Users can connect their laptops to an external monitor or projector for more screen real estate and higher resolution. This is particularly important for users such as professional graphic designers, video editors, programmers, etc. who need a larger working area. They can have more viewing space and provide convenient interaction between multiple screens without interrupting frequent screen switching. Creative ideas.
  4. Charging function
  USB-PD (Power Delivery) is a power supply standard based on USB Type-C, with a maximum power supply of up to 100 watts. With the popularity of USB Type-C, more and more devices (mobile phones, tablets, monitors, Workstations, chargers, etc.) use the USB-PD fast charging solution.
  The USB PD charging port uses a Type-C interface. The main considerations are the electrostatic protection (ESD1, ESD2) on the communication interface, the protection of the power control switch itself (TVS1, TVS2), and the surge protection (TVS) on the power supply end.
  5. Portability and ease of use
  Type c docking station usually has a compact design and portability, which can be easily carried and connected. When using the docking station, users only need to plug the laptop into the docking station without having to connect external devices one by one. This avoids the trouble of frequently plugging and unplugging devices and cables, making the work environment cleaner and more organized, and providing a more convenient Use experience.
  Many docking stations on the market are thoughtfully equipped with SD or TF card reading interfaces, RJ45 Ethernet interfaces, and 3.5mm audio ports in order to satisfy photographers' wishes of surfing the Internet, reading cards, transmitting, and listening to music on the set. Once you get it, you can plug in an Internet cable and headphones to the docking station, and copy data at high speed while listening to music.
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